Bob Milliken

With over a billion active websites on the internet today, and more than 300 million blogs, it’s no small wonder why more people are starting personal sites, hobby blogs, and even business and brand blogs to make their own little space on the internet.

A recent survey revealed that 60% of online consumers say they have made purchases as a result of reading a blogger’s recommendation. Making blogging a serious component of running a successful business or brand. Not having a blog for your business is like leaving money on the table.

The good news is that Google will rank higher websites that have blogs as part of their content creation and marketing strategy, and lessor for sites that don’t. Beyond websites, blogs have also transformed the way social media is used to connect others with individuals, brands, and the latest industry news.

Statistically Proven Best Practice

Content is the atomic particle of marketing and blogging has been consistently identified as the best kind of content marketing. It costs 62% less and generates 3 times as many leads compared to traditional marketing methods. You are creating high-value content around a particular product or service, and you have the opportunity to put your personality and identity not only in the writing, but also in the logo, images, and design of your blog site.

Blogging is a long-term tactic of your marketing strategy. It is one of your marketing heartbeats that keeps your marketing engine churning out leads. Unlike the quick strategies for brand promotion such as paid advertising or brand outsourcing that don’t often convert well, blogging is your “energizer bunny”.

Your Content is a Unique Voice

Make yourself heard. Use your unique voice to create content that tells your audience who are and why you are relevant to them. It’s proven that by being unique and publishing the right content consistently, readers will stick around and proudly share what you have to say with their associates, friends and family.

Establishes Your Expert Reputation

One of the primary purposes of a blog is to create a reputation for you as a professional and subject matter expert in your field. This where you become the go-to-person and begin to lead the discussion. And once that happens you’ll find that opportunity will be knocking on your door.

Your Takeaway

I follow my own advice and blog regularly (You can see my blog here: Do as I do

and you’ll be surprised by the results

If you blog for business, need help starting your blog, or are looking for a resource to help take your blogging to the nest level, call me, I’d love to help.

Bob Milliken is a master marketer specializing in helping businesses achieve outrageous levels of success. Bob can be reached by phone at 604.270.1730 or by email at Twitter @RFM360