Bob Milliken
Bob Milliken

No doubt you’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about “Cloud Computing”. Headlines trumpet cost savings, improved agility and better IT business alignment offered through Cloud Computing.

Cloud is the future of business computing and the future is now, but myriad and conflicting vendor claims encourage ‘Cloud Confusion’ instead of strategic, comprehensive, financially responsible decision-making.

It’s true, Cloud Computing can reduce your IT costs, provide automatic disaster recovery, and take your productivity to new levels, but you need to carefully consider just exactly what is involved to ensure that it will be a good fit for you. Here are some mental-shifts you should make before getting started.

Consider value over costs

When considering the cloud, too many business owners get hung up on costs. Instead, it makes more sense to think about how the cloud impacts their business and saves them money. The old saying, “you have to spend money to make money” is ever so true here. The real value of the cloud may well be found in the efficiencies and innovations that are now available to your business.  The cloud is no different than any other investment you took to grow your organization.

computer centsThink “strategy” before migration

It always pays to have a plan and a migration to the cloud is no different. Spend time upfront before jumping in to define the goals you’ll want it to accomplish in your business.  For example, if you want to realize the productivity benefits of your staff being able to work from anywhere at anytime, then the strategy will be to have the specific goal of increasing mobile use or adoption among employees.

Avoid costly infrastructure upgrades

If you are on the cusp of an expensive network upgrade, now would be an ideal time to consider outsourcing your “IT” to the cloud.  Instead of having to incur the cost and hassle of installing and supporting a complex structure of servers and workstations onsite, you can trade-in your outdated traditional computer network and realize the heady advantages (savings, speed, efficiency, flexibility, productivity) of the Cloud – while nicely avoiding the risk of being out-computed by rivals who get there first.

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