Manpreet Dhillon

By Manpreet Dhillon

Manpreet Dhillon
Manpreet Dhillon

“I don’t know what to do. I feel like I should be happy but it feels like something is wrong with me. I don’t feel good enough.” These are the words I have been hearing from men and women who would be deemed very successful from the outside – they have the lifestyle, career , friends and family but inside they just feel broken. They feel as though they are unlovable and unworthy. This has been the premise of the conversations that I have had lately both in my life and with coaching clients.
These individuals are amazing individuals as they care about the community and others before themselves. They have done everything they can to contribute to society. They started the organizations, they are partners within their firms or they volunteer with several boards but when they come home they feel lonely, may be facing dire financial situations and are depressed.
The cause of them feeling like this is something that has been haunting them that they have not been able to deal with. Many a times it is a loss they suffered of a parent, a family member or a friend that has scarred them as they were too young to comprehend what had happened. Or their innocence was taken away by another person who also was sexually abused. The cycle continued and now this person is dealing with the guilt of their body responding or are grappling with the idea that maybe they are homosexual as their abuser was the same gender. When in fact, they are heterosexual and the questioning comes from the confusion that their body responded naturally to stimulation.
Through these conversations I started to see a trend. The trends were that on the outside these individuals were “successful.” They had everything that everyone wanted in life but on the inside these individuals didn’t feel worthy of having anything or even being loved. They were either in unhealthy relationships where there was infidelity or some type of abuse. They had friendships that came with some drama. Financially, they were stressed as to how they would provide for themselves. The underlying truth for all this was “am I good enough to have love or am I worthy enough to be happy and wealthy?”
The truth is that they are worthy of happiness, love and having everything they want but something inside them was holding them back from feeling that. They needed to reclaim back their power and their feeling of
One day can be the rebirth for the rest of your life. One day of sunshine brings rays of hope on a daily basis, into essence is the one day of sunshine and laughter.
Manpreet Dhillon is co-founder of Be Your Own Best Friend. She wears another hat as a Freedom Catalyst.
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