PETER Julian, NDP MP (Burnaby-New Westminster) on Thursday announced that he will not be running in the BC NDP leadership contest.
In a statement he said: “Many talented candidates, from provincial and federal caucus, and from the broader movement will be considering whether or not to run for the leadership of the BC NDP over the course of the holiday period. There are many talented potential leaders in our Party and I particularly hope to see many of the talented women in our movement step forward to run for leadership in the new year.

“But, I won’t be among them. I will continue working in Ottawa, in Burnaby-New Westminster and across Canada with our terrific National Caucus and experienced leader, Tom Mulcair. Together we will build the progressive alternative that most Canadians want to see.

“I look forward to the discussions on the future of our party in BC. With hard work and love, hope and optimism, we will see a better province for everyone emerge in the coming years.”