Confusion about the roles of Jason Kenney, Chris Alexander and Tim Uppal





Jason Kenney Photo by Jay Sharma of Mahi Photo studio


I was baffled to see a press statement from Citizenship and Immigration Canada on Monday titled: “Minister Kenney issues statement marking the death of Gim Foon Wong.”  Wong was a distinguished, lifelong advocate for the recognition of the contributions of Chinese railway workers in the 20th century.
Kenney is NOT the minister of citizenship and immigration any longer. The new boss is former diplomat Chris Alexander – and he is a MINISTER, not a minister of state.
On Wednesday, Citizenship and Immigration sent another press release: “Minister Kenney issues statement recognizing Pakistan Independence Day.”
On Thursday, Citizenship and Immigration sent yet another press release: “Minister Kenney issues statement recognizing India’s Independence Day.”
And last week, Citizenship and Immigration issued a press release titled “Minister Jason Kenney issues statement to recognize celebrations of Greek heritage.”
But just a day before that, Citizenship and Immigration had issued a press release titled “Ministers Jason Kenney and Chris Alexander issue statement recognizing Eid al-Fitr.” That joint statement one could understand since Kenney still plays the primary role in the Multiculturalism Ministry where Tim Uppal is the Minister of State, as Asian Journal reported last month.



Chris Alexander Photo by Chandra Bodalia


So what’s up?
Is there confusion about exactly what roles Kenney, Alexander and Uppal will play?
People will now wonder exactly what role Alexander will play. Will he get enough freedom to put his own personal
 stamp on the department or will he just be taking orders from Kenney?
This needs to be cleared up.