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Winnipeg: A Manitoba woman will do no further jail time for trying to kill her abusive husband by blowing up their house while he slept.

Renee Korobanik pleaded guilty to attempted murder for the August 2011 incident near Steinbach and returned to court Thursday for sentencing.

The 50-year-old woman admits closing all the windows in the home, turning on all the burners and filling the residence with propane before evacuating both herself and the family pets.

A small explosion occurred and her 54-year-old husband suffered minor burns to the face before escaping.

The Crown wanted Korobanik to serve up to six years in prison, but the judge ruled she should be released immediately with a sentence of 30 months time already served, followed by three years of probation.

Judge Tim Killeen cited the troubled relationship between Korobanik and her husband as the major reason for leniency _ he was facing charges of uttering threats and was under a court order not to have contact with Korobanik at the time of the explosion.

“The difference between murder and attempted murder is often just luck,” said Killeen.

Court heard Korobanik agreed to take him back in the home, largely due to issues of isolation and anxiety. Korobanik had no friends, having uprooted her life to move with her husband to Manitoba from their original home in Ontario. He would repeatedly berate and intimidate her while drinking heavily, and she turned to alcohol and pills to get her through the days.

As well, court was told Korobanik had a tumultuous first marriage which affected how she reacted to problems in this second marriage.

“Her self-esteem and judgment were so impaired as to make it near impossible to leave,” said Killeen. “She told police she didn’t want him to suffer. She just wanted him to die peacefully in his sleep.”

Korobanik and her husband have both expressed interest in resuming their relationship.


By Mike McIntrye, Winnipeg Free Press

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