By   Acharya S.Dwivedi          

2Global Clergy Association of Canada embarked upon an unique idea for celebrating Canada Multicultural Day by organizing a workshop of various religious leaders on theme  -Religion and Culture for Sustainable Future at Kabir Center on June 27,2014 in Surrey.


President of GCAOC- Dr. J. Das welcomed the speakers and guests. “For assuring healthy and peaceful future we have to change our materialistic approach towards life   by giving up greed and selfishness and that what saint Kabir advocated” Das said.  Thought leaders from various religion shared their views and spoke about the steps that world leaders, and people in general can take to maintain peace and calm in the world. They all agreed that we have to understand others’ traditions and adopt peaceful means to solve our problems.

Present at the event were Dr. J. Das, President, Global Clergy Association of Canada;Imam Fode Drame an Hafiz, renowned scholar of Islam and president  of Zawiyah Foundation; Anand Jain, a reputed leader and priest of Jain; Lama Doeje Tse Wong, a trained Tibetan Buddhist; Rev. Edith Baird, a retired minister of United Church; Connie Waterman is a senior  Baha’i spiritual teacher and organizer of study circles; Avinash Maniram, an actuarial scientist and an expert in Indian musical instruments; David Dalley  and Syovia  popular interfaith activists.