Canada and Canadians need to maintain humanity in these tough times

It’s been a tough week for the world. Tragedy struck Malaysian Airlines once again. A Malaysian Plane was shot down early Thursday. When in March MH 370  was lost we thought  that was biggest mystery and tragedy but now this plane crash has left world shocked and  numb yet again.  The tensions in  Iraq have made the world nervous and so has the Gaza conflict. 300 people have died in less than ten days in Gaza.

Every nation and city has its own shares of woes and happiness and it’s true for our country too. We have our own set of problems – both political and humanitarian. Internal politics of our country is getting all charged up as the time for federal election is coming closer. It’s going to be tough fight and even a small misstep by a political candidate will go viral thanks to social media, so let’s brace up for many political storms in near future. Surrey is also looking forward to the big match in November. Barinder Rasode is making all the right noises, and the entrance of Doug McCallum has made the contest more interesting. He is eyeing a comeback with proposals like ward system and proactive policing whereas Linda Hepner has Dianne Watts at her back and is counting on the work done by Surrey First and Watts for last nine years to win the Mayoral battle.

But real world awaits all of us when we step outside the dreamy political world of Harpers, Clarks, and McCallums. The real world where a five year old has been snatched from his family along with his grandparents, a world where a 66 year old man is unable to control his temper and beats his wife almost to death; a world where 24 year old Edward Snowshoe dies in jail because Correctional Service of Canada kept him segregated for extended periods of time despite the fact that the young man had serious mental health issues. Yes, our country too has its own monsters, the dark side which we, our system very easily push under the carpet to portray a ‘Happily now and ever’ picture to the world. We have a past too. First Nations and early immigrants are testament to that dark past. We must try and see that humanity is preserved in our country in real, that we are able to tide over the internal challenges and do not succumb to the humanitarian and political woes that trouble other nations and this can be achieved only when we stand together and stand firm.