135 countries took part in World War I (1914 1918), and more than 15 million people died in the war. In the second World War more than 72 million people were killed, it involved more than 60 countries of the world. But still today we are witnessing conflicts all over the world. Did both the great wars solve any purpose ? or they created more divisions and gave birth to conflicts that like old wounds keep hurting all the time.

The incident that triggered the chaos of World War 1 was the assasination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of  Austria and his pregnant wife Sophie. Now the question is what would have happened if leaders on both sides and eventually on all sides of the world would have showed restrain and not jumped the gun?  We certainly do not know what was going on each person’s head and heart at that time. But what if some restrain was shown?  Would the world have been a different place?  Less cruel and hurting,no one knows.

The delicate peace achieved in 1918 was shattered in 1939, this time it was Adolf Hitler who took the centre stage and the World War II (1939 -1945 ) began. The war this time was more fierce and

decisive with the new technology aiding the armies on both sides to strike accurately and kill more, it ended up re-drawing many boundaries and creating many deep wounds on the psyche of individuals and cultures.

In 1954, William Golding wrote a novel ‘Lord of Flies’ which rings true even today. It depicts how the power struggle between two young boys transforms them from innocent boys into blood thristy ravaged beasts. Instead of looking out for each other on the deserted island they are conspiring to kill to rule over the deserted island.

As of now almost 50 big and small armed conflicts are taking place  between nations and within countries that are killing people on daily basis. Fight for sovereignty, fight to assert right on a piece of land and fight to emerge as winner is still going on. The two wars settled nothing, they were blunders from which humanity never learned, but it got altered for sure.  The feeling of distrust, hatred has not abated even after a century of World War I. Post Snowden revelations the world is once again lacking in trust and conflicts like one going on in Gaza  and Ukraine not helping to calm nerves of entire world population. Technically we cannot say that world is at war right now, but for the people stuck amidst the violent conflicts right now some of  which have their origins in the either of the World Wars, the world war still continues.