Dark Shadows!

Let’s be honest – most of us like sex. Ever since Heddy Lamar doffed her clothes for a secluded swim back in the 1930s Sensation ecstasy Hollywood and audiences alike have hankered for a little lust with their popcorn. Hoping to cater to this crowd of voyeurs comes A24 Films who combine sex with horror in the eventful X. Check it out at Cineplex Odeon Cinemas and Landmark Theatres around BC.
Set at a time when porn movies were the rage back in the 70s X is all about the making of a porn movie. When a group of Houston fledgling adult film makers head out to the rural hinterland to make a movie they encounter much more than they bargained for.
At a remote barn and house location in effectively the middle of nowhere this sextet start making their little movie. Unfortunately for them the landlord, an elderly couple take exception to all those undisclosed terms in the lease. In The heat of the moment all those grunts, gasps and moans turn into cries and whimpers as one by one the fledgling film crew meet rather untimely accidents and murders most foul.
That about sums up X. All the sexy shenanigans work well and are playful. When bad things begin some are effective while others you need to take with a big grain of salt. Production values and dialogue are fine as is the 70s atmosphere replete with some popular songs. Somewhat of a guilty pleasure this low budget flick is campy and edgy and May raise a few temperatures