Let it Be!

Much has been written and said about The Beatles. Indeed, they turned into a phenomenon the likes of which the world has never seen. Leave it to director Danny Boyle to pull off an original twist on The Fab Four. Relive the fame and message of the most iconic musicians in world history courtesy of Yesterday. Fun and entertaining this Universal movie are now drawing in the masses at Cineplex Cinemas and Landmark Theatres across the British Columbian universe.
Imagine a world without The Beatles and more importantly their music. That’s the premise and hook as a happy go lucky musician discovers he’s the only one who remembers this iconic Liverpool band. Here the lucky bar performer Jack Malik is portrayed by first time feature film headliner Himesh Patel. Courtesy of the exceptional ear and writing abilities of Richard Curtis words of ever popular Beatles songs slyly appear in everyday exchanges of Malik and those he comes in contact with. Thanks to Patel’s singing abilities and joyous persona the transition works flawlessly.
Stand by your man manager Ellie Appleton is perfectly played by Lily James whose own relationship with Jack may collide with his meteoric rise to sudden fame. Superb secondary characters and just a fun 60s like atmosphere from a musical perspective perfectly captures the zaniness of the times and the unpredictable affect it has on all those around Jack.
Sometimes sad, often funny and with an amazing roster of songs Yesterday ensures filmgoers will have a jolly good time as it unfolds on the big screen.