Rich Coleman Deputy Premier and Minister Responsible for Housing
Rich Coleman Deputy Premier and Minister Responsible for Housing
Rich Coleman
Deputy Premier and Minister Responsible for Housing

Vancouver: Say Anything John Horgan continues the trend of saying one thing and doing another – this time on Riverview.

The BC NDP claim “they will reopen facilities on the Riverview lands” but have not included one single penny in the costing of their so-called platform.

“This “Say Anything” act of Horgan’s is completely disingenuous. Grandiose, empty promises with zero dollars to pay for them, which can only result in higher taxes,” said Today’s BC Liberal candidate Rich Coleman. “The BC NDP are calling for a return to mass hospitalization using asbestos-riddled, out-dated and unsafe buildings. That’s not a plan we can afford or that patients need.”

Riverview consists of four asbestos-riddled, out-dated, and unsafe buildings:

  • West Lawn. “Male Chronic Wing.” Opened in 1913. The building is condemned.
  • Centre Lawn. “Acute Psychopathic Wing.” Built in 1924, ward renovation in the 1970’s
  • East Lawn. “Female Chronic Wing.” Built in 1929.
  • Crease Clinic. Voluntary committal wing. Completed in 1949

Condition assessments on all buildings conducted in 2013 have determined building re-habilitation would require tens of millions of dollars to complete. Additional investments that are nowhere to be found in the BC NDP costing.

Only Christy Clark and Today’s BC Liberals have a clear plan for redeveloping the Riverview Lands, including the new 105 bed facility being built on the Riverview lands, a $101-million facility that is expected to open in 2019. As well, last month a $75-million state-of-the-art home for Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre that will provide services for youth and individuals with developmental disabilities, mental-health and/or substance-use disorders announced.

“This is an approach that develops the lands with the community and First Nations,” said Coleman. “Our plan is one that taxpayers can afford and that will benefit patients. Say Anything John’s empty, uncosted approach demonstrates he is on any side but yours.”