Kamilla Singh
Kamilla Singh

New Westminster: Almost 11 years ago one vision one dream and one history in the making of Yiannis Greek restaurant. Opened in 2004, in New West in the heart of the food lover’s paradise, quickly became known as the busiest Greek restaurant in the city. In the last few years of business, Yiannis surpassed the expectation of everyone and it soon became the number one force in Greek cuisine in New West.
Yiannis serves authentic Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in both casual dinning and fast casual restaurant. The fast casual Yiannis express takes “food on the go” to a new level, serving china for customers who dine-in.
Olive oil, wines consumed moderately, fish as the main course, but also poultry up to four times a week less often red meat, rice breads and plenty of vegetables fruits and nuts, sound familiar? The results, published in June by the New England Journal of Medicine were striking; over a four- year period those with more points were less likely to develop diseases. The research also confirmed that Greek adults who adhered to their traditional styles of eating have a 25% lower risk of dying from coronary disease and cancer than did those who chose western style diets.
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So the equation is quite simple, in the foot steps of Alexander the Great this is where the cuisine comes from the best of Greek. They have a huge selection of appetizers such as Yiannis dips, Tzatzik, homous Melinzano and Yiannis A La Carte appetizers such as calamari deep friend spanakopita with soups salads, and special dishes as well as seafood.
Lay-out is very modern, people casually working in at any hours of the day, well decorated with huge wall covering and one wall a mural is painted with ocean sea shore little canoes and antique building at the edge of the shore, very relaxing and welcoming venue. Yiannis is a Greek word means “John” in English translation.
“Our specialty dish is roast lamb and lamb chops, both of these meats are marinated over a period of time and cooked in a slow temperature. We get the best cut of meat with least fat, rack of lamb hardly has any fat, and it’s also the way we prepare it.” said Syskakis Yiannis the owner.
“We started tYianni's Greek Tavernaz3his restaurant as a family still all my family is involved one way or the other to see that we maintain our status in the community with the best Greek food in the city” he added.Yianni's Greek Tavernaz4
I casually walked in on a Monday, it was sort of full, I was seated and I ordered the specialty dish which is lamb chops, and this came with four pieces of chops with carrots, Greek salad, Hummus with Tzatzik dip, roasted potatoes, parboiled rice, and the servings was so huge that two people could have shared one order. The lamp chops were excellent, hardly any extra fat, everything in my plate was healthy, you may be full but the craving is still there to eat more. No room for dessert, dessert also looked very tempting. I would highly recommend this place to go and check it out.
They are located at next to London drugs, across from Tim Horton’s in New West. They have seating for up to 75 people and this includes the
patio, the patio is closed now, open only in summer months. They are opened from Monday to Friday from 11:00am to 9:30pm and on the
week-end from 4 to 9pm. Please give them a call at 605-523-0670.

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