File photo of Indian teenagers taking a rain-drenched selfie in New Delhi. ( Photo.. IANS)
File photo of Indian teenagers taking a rain-drenched selfie in New Delhi. ( Photo: IANS)

London, Sep 23 (IANS) If you belong to the millennials’ club — those born after 1980s – and continue your love with selfies till you grow old, you will have a collection of over 25,000 selfies during your lifetime, an interesting research has revealed.

According to a new survey conducted by Luster Premium White — a global maker of teeth-whitening products — 95 percent of people have taken at least one selfie, the Daily Mail reported.

As the selfie frequency goes up, they could end up taking an average of 25,676 self-portrait during their lifetime.

“Even a brief glance at a Facebook page, a Twitter feed or Instagram account confirms that millennials are dedicated to chronicling their lives with selfies, and they especially enjoy sharing them with their network of acquaintances,” Damon Brown, CEO and co-founder of Luster Premium White, was quoted as saying.

The survey included 1,000 Americans.

“Beyond just millennials, most people now take selfies while on vacation or while celebrating to chronicle special moments with friends and family,” Brown added.

About 63 percent of millennials said that a vacation trip is the most popular place to snap a selfie.

More than half of the sample admitted that they fix their hair before taking a photo of themselves, and 53 percent of them said they check themselves out in the mirror, the survey added.

Nearly 47 percent of the respondents confessed to practicing their facial expressions before taking their picture.

“It is important to make a good impression even if it is through a selfie shared with people you know online or in an email,” Damon explained.

The survey also revealed that a pupil take about seven minutes to take a selfie.