No games here. I know you know having a mailing list is key to business success, so I won’t remind you to never stop doing whatever you have to do to keep building it. That said, the problem I often see isn’t in building the list, but rather in nurturing the list once it has started generating subscribers.
It isn’t enough to build a list of subscribers. If you don’t stay in touch with your audience, keeping them informed, reaching them on a personal level, giving them a reason to trust you and continue to be part of your list (tribe), you’ve wasted your time building the list in the first place.
Subscribers want to feel special, be a part of your private club (inner circle), receive member-only insider deals and offers. And they want to learn from you.
At this point you may be asking yourself if a monthly newsletter would work for my business.
Let’s not kid ourselves, and just in case you’re shaking your head and saying to yourself newsletters don’t work, they do.
Let me tell you, newsletters are the ONE ingredient in your marketing kitbag that will positively differentiate you from your competition in your market or industry.
Email newsletters are highly effective in establishing and maintaining a personal direct line of communication with your customers. Your newsletters will act as the gateway for your customers to convert into buyers and loyal customers by helping them get to know more about your brand, products, and services on a regular basis.
a Properly done, your newsletter will automatically generate referrals, word-of-mouth advertising and repeat business like clockwork…
a Newsletters will propel you into the top tier of all businesses like yours who are all competing for the business to be had in your marketplace…
a Newsletters are a surefire way for you to become the expert in your niche and bestow you with a “go-to “status in your industry…
a Newsletters are the ONE ingredient that gets you face-to-face with new prospects FIRST, before anyone else has a chance to pitch them, and practically forces people to think of YOUR COMPANY when they think of “what-ever-it-is-you-do”…

The Take Away
In my experience all too often small business owners get completely focused on generating new clients or uncovering new prospects while completely ignoring the overlooked acres of diamonds in their own backyard.
You can farm those acres. Your monthly newsletter sent consistently to your house list will, over time, increase your sales, bring in more new clients, generate more referrals, and raise the conversion of prospects to customers.
You simply cannot ignore the results.
If you have questions about why you should consider a regular newsletter for your business, simply book a 15-minute consultation with Bob Milliken at and we can talk about it.