Kamilla Singh
Kamilla Singh

When Zen fine Cuisine was almost going teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, the master mind Sam Lau the self taught chef became an overnight Star, and instead of rescuing Zen Fine, he let this restaurant go in Richmond Centre, and as the lease expired, he sought different areas in the city to find a new home for Zen. Zen is one of the most popular restaurants in China.

When the time was right he re-located on the ground floor of a new, three storey condo developments near the tastefully touristy Stevenson piers.  The clean modern room is fronted by glass and floored in pale bamboo plywood.  The pink silk covered sconces cast a soft flow against a sea of cream walls and tablecloths.  The comfortable padded  chairs provide no punches  of color, and what attracts the most for being a women is women’s bathroom appointed with complimentary perfumes and a heated , warm –water spraying, stylish toilet seat.

chinese-food-wide-hd-wallpaper-download-chinese-food-images-freeThis is an amazing feast, since most Chinese don’t want their cuisine modernized, modern to most of us mean more than just décor, The food is the twist that truly amazed and if the price if right, customers will be bound to be back.  The tasting menu haven’t changed much and still offer a very good bang for your buck, they have four new set menu, price might shock you, but hey if you going out to eat, who looks at what it will cost you, you might regret it later,  Mr. Lau has also added a small 12  item a la carte menu and you can order this, as long as you give some notice, as this small menu take time to prepare,  these a la carte can also be paired with favourite wine.

The tasting menu haven’t changed much and still offer a very good bang for your buck,  there are now four set of menus, The wine list looks interesting with a reasonably priced by-the-glass selection that includes Omellaia Le  Votte and tables Creek Vineyard’s Esprit.

My dinning partner couldn’t stay hungry any longer, so we had to take a seat and order something, we started. The shredded chicken, Chinese style chow mien bass braised chicken wings and steamed rice all arrive at once on family-style sharing platter.  The food was in creditably delicious and plenty of it.  They also had some great dessert to share, but I took rain check for the dessert for another time.

All in all the new Zen Fine Chinese Cuisine would probably still rank right up there with some of the other Chinese restaurants.  I do have to admit that it’s a an impressive version of a modern Asian restaurant, which is a growing trend in Richmond

But if you are looking for great fine dining in Stevenson area, than look no further, you can walk in with confidence that what ever is on their menu is guaranteed to please you.

If you are not sure what to order, ask the chef, staff are very professional and well trained into this industry.

Zen Fine Chinese cuisine is located at 120-12480 Number one Road in Richmond; give them a call at 604-272-2777, or visit their website at www.zencuisine.ca

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