White man urinates on Komagata Maru Memorial at Harbour Green Park in Coal Harbour

December 5, 2013 8:14 PM 0 comments

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  • A visitor from India and his friend who were visiting the memorial monument to commemorate the Komagata Maru at Harbour Green Park in Coal Harbour in Vancouver were allegedly threatened by a white man who they say was very confrontational and attempted to engage in a physical altercation.
    He made many remarks and asked: “What are you guys trying to prove?” He reportedly threw a soccer ball at the memorial. Then he urinated on the memorial and was photographed. A police complaint has been made.
    Asian Journal posted the story on its website www.AsianJournal.ca and sent the link to the mainstream media.
    Following media inquiries about this, the Vancouver Park Board issued a statement.
    “On behalf of my fellow Commissioners, we are saddened and deeply offended by this disgraceful act,” said Park Board Chair Sarah Blyth. “The monument was created in partnership with the Khalsa Diwan Society to embrace multiculturalism and remind people about the devastating impact that racial intolerance and discrimination have had upon our community.”
    Parks staff have cleaned the monument.
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