NUSA DUA, Indonesia: The world’s largest economies are closing the G20 summit with strong condemnation of Russia and a pledge to deepen collaboration aimed at preventing another pandemic.

The G20 Research Group says that means Canada is walking away with most of what it wanted from the summit in Bali, Indonesia.

Canada has been pushing countries to further isolate Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, which many developing nations want to avoid as they try to preserve relations with Russia and the West.

In the final communique, leaders take note of existing United Nations votes that call on Russia to withdraw from Ukraine and say the war is hurting the global economy.

They also endorse a call for a global fund to prevent pandemics, though countries have pledged a fraction of what’s needed to get the fund off the ground.

The G20 leaders also committed to aim for the UN target of containing global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, including a side deal aimed at helping Indonesia wean itself off coal.