(PG) ***
Green Thumb !

Spring is the time when gardens are in full bloom. Be careful for what you sow which is so wonderfully depicted in Master Gardener. Fresh, original – and dangerous – track this thriller down at Vancouver’s prestigious Fifth Avenue Cinemas in Kits. Presented by VVS Films here’s a drama definitely designed to get under your skin
Nothing is completely as it appears in This garden-themed movie.most of the drama revolves around the goings on at a palatial grand home surrounded by acres upon acres of greenery. So vast is the scale of the gardens that the presiding matron
Makes good use of the groundskeeper, a man of many talents who tends to all things plants.
All that tranquility gets shattered when another family member descends on their familiar familial territory. Reluctant at first to learn all the tricks of the trade this grand niece sets off a chain of events that turns an otherwise tranquil experience into a nightmarish hell.
Master director Paul Schrader pulls off a terrific movie full of drama and suspense. And surprises. Master Gardener is full of compelling characters and wonderful performances. It deserves to be seen. And with a cast of Sigourney Weaver (Alien) and Joel Edgerton.