Vancouver On 30 March 2023. Husband and wife explorers Chris & Julie Ramsey embarked on a long distance drive an all-electric Nissan Ariya CVUV as they attempt to travel more than 27,000km across three continents from the 1823 Magnetic North Pole in the frozen Arctic Ocean, to the South Pole in Antarctica. On the 9-month expedition through the Americas they will showcase the capability and excitement of EVs and shine a light on bold initiatives and fascinating communities harnessing renewable energy.
And with this in mind, Alannah. Senior Manager of Marketing for Nissan Canada, recently hosted Chris, and Julie Ramsey EV adventure seekers on the Vancouver leg of their journey. The couple from Aberdeen in Scotland say they have been EV owners for the last decade, first owning a Nissan LEAF, first generation. Now the couple are in love of EV driving. travel and adventure. Having completed the Mongol Rally from the U.K to Ulan-Ude in Southern Siberia, a 10,000 miles trip in the Nissan Leaf EV crossing 20 countries, their latest journey is a journey form Pole to Pole, being the first people to take an ARIYA to the 80 to 80 magnetic North Pole.
The couple said the drive in the slightly modified Nissan Ariya was full of challenges in the high arctic such issues as melting ice roads due to climate change, and the pressurized schedule. Luckily, a Nissan support vehicle was also on hand. The couple said the highlights were also amazing with sightings of a polar bear, no light pollution, and the spectacular the beauty and breathtaking tranquility of the region
So far, the couple have visited 14 countries on the trip and in Canada that included Yellowknife, Banff and Jasper, and Kamloops, the hospitality we have received from people across Canada was amazing the couple said.
“Somebody reached out to us on social media as a couple or a family from Jasper and they are EV owners. And they said, “hey, if you’re passing by, do come by and say hello, you can get a charge and we have a room for you in our house. You’re more than welcome to join.” Said Julie Ramsey. “We drove through countries that had never seen an electric car. So it engages people instantly and that car engages anybody, in any place we go to.” But you know, that aside, we still managed to reach the North Pole with the Nissan ARIYA. We achieved history. A huge achievement. You know, it is pioneering in itself. And yes, sometimes it takes a bit to reflect on that and just say, “we did it.” It is just amazing.
“The Nissan ARIYA-e DORCE 4force we used on the expedition was modified by Arctic Trucks with larger tires 36 – inch wheels, bigger wheel arches, and a raised suspension to cope with more extreme terrain and a special jacking system on the rear.” Said Chris, adding “the only other thing we have actually done, is underneath you’ll see like a big metal skip plate if you do look underneath. And the idea behind that is to protect everything.”
But outside of that, the interior is exactly the same as the standard ARIYA, the suspension system, the drive train, the battery, have not been touched.
about -30 temperatures. There are two additional modifications in the Nissan Ariya specifically added for the Pole-to-Pole excursion. One is an espresso machine inside the EV for coffee lover Chris Ramsey, who says the on-demand caffeine will help during long isolated parts of the journey. Probably not much to look at up in the North Pole at certain points. A portable wind generator and solar panels also provide additional power.
Chris Ramsey said, “the car had a beating in the Arctic. Because obviously, there’s not smooth roads, there is lots of bumps and hills and a whole manner of terrains when we were up there.” Julie Ramsey said, “ I think both Chris and I and the Arctic support team and everyone were just surprised, amazed at how well the car has coped. But the thing is, is that I think with an EV being less mechanical, parts of that definitely helped a lot, there was very little damage and drama.”
The couple said, “But surprisingly, the drives pass quite quickly. And I think because we are driving through different parts of Canada, the scenery changes all the time. So there is always something to see, or you know, there’s always something interesting as we travel through all these countries is to share stories of projects like this and people that are taking action against climate change and just individuals that are just doing amazing things in the world.”

By Veeno Dewan