Speaker school dr hollyIf you choose to be a public speaker, you probably have a passion for your particular message. You want to bring your message to as many people as possible and you want to make your living fulfilling your passion. You have learned how speak in front of an audience and you provide valuable content. That is just the start! Do you really know how to grow your business and become financially independent through speaking?

On Friday October 24th and Saturday, October 25th, you will have the opportunity to learn how to make a success of your business from genuine experts; people who have already become successful in their speaking businesses.

These experts will eliminate the guesswork by sharing tried and true methods for growing your speaking business. Why start at the bottom, making the same mistakes that most speakers do. Learn from the best in this 2 day training session.

For more info and full details of the event visit http://capsvancouver.com/events/speaker-school-2014/