IMG_3118 IMG_3131 IMG_3146·   Man of the Match & Best raider: Gagandeep Singh sabrawa (19 raids, Vancouver Lions )

  • Best Stopper: Yadwinder Singh Surakhpur (6 stops, Punjab Thunder)

Ludhiana: In an interesting match Vancouver Lions defeated Punjab Thunder at 65-58. The first quarter started with the successful raid point of the toss winning team Vancouver Lions. Stop line of both the teams presented excellent performance. Vancouver Lions stoppers, Narinder Ram Bittoo Duggal (1), Charanjit Singh (1) and Amanveer Singh (1) earned valuable stop points for the team. On the other hand Punjab Thunder stoppers, Lakhveer Singh Lakha (1), Yadwinder Singh Surakhpur (1) and Sukhmanjeet Singh (1) failed opponent raids and earned stop points. Raiders of both the teams also performed on the equal graph and earned 13-13 raid points respectively for their teams. Whole quarter witnessed neck to neck scores and ended at equal score 16-16 for both the teams.

The second quarter started on a very thrilling note. Stop line of Vancouver Lions maintained their good performance, Amanvir Singh (2), Satnam Singh (2) and Charanjit Singh (1) failed opponent raids. On the other hand Punjab Thunders also performed well, stoppers, Satwinder Singh (1) and Ranjod Singh (1) did good stops. But raiders of Vancouver Lions Sukhbir singh Sabarwa (4) and Gagandeep sabarwa (3) completely stole the show by exhibiting wonderful raids and took the lead at their edge by 6 points with the score lines 27- 33.

The second half started with 6 point lead for Punjab Thunder. During the first raid of the third quarter Yadwinder Singh of Punjab Thunder stopped Sucha Singh of Vancouver Lions. Raider, Gagandeep Sabrawa (4) managed to convert all raids points for Vancouver Lions. He was supported well by Sukhbir Singh Sabrawa who successfully made 5 raid points and stopper, Amritpal Singh Sheru who converted one stop point for the team. The team of Punjab Thunder too performed well and star raiders Talwinder Singh Grewal and Sultan Singh scored 6 and 5 points respectively supported by 4 stop points scored by Yadwinder Singh. However at the end of the third quarter Vancouver Lions look a lead of 4 points with a score of Vancouver Lions 47- Punjab Thunder 43.

The final decisive did not spring any surprise, leading team Vancouver Lions dominated the match till the end. Stop line of Vancouver Lions earned 3 match winning stop points. Punjab Thunder’s stopper Yadwinder Singh (1) only succeeded to earn stop point for the team. But Raiders of Vancouver Lions breached Punjab Thunder stop line and won the match by 7 points with the final score 58-65.


Quarter-Wise result of Match 69 was as below:


Results (Quarter by quarter) (Total points)
Quarters Punjab Thunder Vancouver Lions
First Quarter 16 16
Second Quarter 27 33
Third Quarter 43 47
Fourth Quarter 58 65

Team position after Match No. 69 is as below:


Team Played Won Lost Draw Points
Khalsa Warriors 19 15 3 1 31
California Eagles 17 10 7 0 20
United Singhs 17 10 7 0 20
Punjab Thunder 18 9 8 1 19
Vancouver Lions 17 7 10 0 14
Lahore Lions 15 6 7 0 12
Royal Kings USA 18 5 12 1 11
Yo Yo Tigers 15 4 9 1 9