Foto 3 Foto 1Derby, UK/ Surrey, BC: Last week saw the release of 3 well-versed books edited by Jaiteg Singh Anant (Canada) at Sri Guru Singh Sabha Derby amongst sangat from all over the world. The books ‘Gadhar Lehar di Kahanee’, Gadhari Yodhay’ and ‘Gadhar di Goonj te Bhai Randhir Singh’ were released by Panth Parsidh Katha Vachak Bhai Pinderpal Singh (India), the Golden Sparrow of the Khalsa Panth, Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh’s great grandson Bhai Jujar Singh (London) and one of the UK’s leading Sikh voices, Bhai Rajinder Singh Purewal.


Bhai Rajinder Singh Purewal congratulated and thanked well known writer scholar Jaiteg Singh Anant for completing this momentous service which is the result of 3 years hard work and will prove to be an important part of Punjabi and Sikh literature and history. He described that these books have detailed information with pictures of the Gadhar movement which features Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh, Shahid Bhai Mewa Singh, Shahid Balwant Singh Khurudpur, Bhai Bhag Singh, Baba Visakha Singh, Bhai Jwala Singh Thatheea, Baba Nidhan Singh Chuga and other ghadaries involved in this freedom struggle.


A significantly noteworthy part of the function observed Sardar Jaiteg Singh Anant donate 2 historic letters to be displayed in the National Sikh Heritage Centre & Holocaust museum. These 2 handwritten letters are those written by Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh in 1922 from Rajmundary Jail to his beloved children Bhai Balbir Singh and Bibi Daler Kaur. Not only do these have key historic importance, but by ensuring the safe keep of such items will give opportunity to our upcoming generations to learn about their forefathers, rich heritage and legacy.



  1. S. Jaiteg Singh Anant presenting information about the books to the audience, alongside Bhai Rajinder Singh Purewal, Dr. Daljeet Singh Virk, Bhai Malkiat Singh, Bhai Prithipal Singh and Bhai Pinderpal Singh.
  2. The release of the 3 books. From left to right: S. Tanmanjit Singh Dhesi (Ex-Mayor of Gravesend), Bhai Resham Singh (Germany), Jathedar Raghbir Singh, Bhai Joga Singh, S. Gurmail Singh (Gen. Sec. Sikh Council UK), Bhai Jujar Singh, Bhai Pinderpal Singh, Bhai Prithipal Singh, S. Jaiteg Singh Anant, Dr. Daljeet Singh Virk & Bhai Rajinder Singh Purewal.
  3. Jathedar Raghbir Singh, Bhai Pinderpal Singh, S. Jaiteg Singh Anant amongst others with Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh’s handwritten letters which are being donated to Derby Heritage Museum