Ulamas from several countries visited Masjid Al Noor of Surrey on the eve of Ramadan

Surrey: Masjid Al Noor Shoora committee of Surrey said that this year we had a great Ramadan at Masjid Al Noor and the committee wished Eid Mubarak to all. The Committee said that they were blessed with the presence of many Ulamas from different countries across world, some of whom gave speeches regarding Ramadan.

Janif Mohammed, President of Masjid Al Noor said, Alhamdulillah, “Allah Subhanahu Watala had mercy on us by giving us the opportunity to pray Taraweeh in Masjid and to listen to the full Quran this Month. I would like to thank our Imam Qari Abdul Mazhar along with Hafiz Mustafa Mohammed, Hafiz Afzal Bhamji, and Shakeel Patel for leading the prayers at Masjid al Noor. May Allah Subhanahu Watala reward them here and thereafter. Inshallah we will be having these brothers lead taraweeh during the next Ramadan.”