Islamabad: Three more babies died Friday due to lack of oxygen in incubators in a hospital in eastern Pakistan, bringing the number of infant deaths to 15, an official source told Efe news agency.

The deaths of the premature babies occurred over the last two days at the university hospital of Sargodha district, in Punjab province, where 10 other infants are under observation in critical condition, a doctor who requested anonymity said.

He added that the hospital lacks the resources needed for the 60 to 70 admitted babies, many of whom are in need of special care due to their preterm birth.

“The hospital admits any child in a critical state, but the children’s ward only has 26 incubators and 50 beds,” hospital administrator Ejaz Akram told Efe Wednesday, when eight infants died.

According to the Express Tribune daily, four babies died Thursday and three Friday, including twins and a two-day-old.

This is the second such tragedy in two months in the province, where seven newborns died in September at the Vihari District Hospital.