• Man of the match: Yadwinder Singh Surakhpur (12 stops) Punjab Thunder
  • Best Stopper: Yadwinder Singh Surakhpur (12 stops) of Punjab Thunder
  • Sonalika Power Raider of the day:  Rehman Isteyaq of Lahore Lions

Sonalika Power Raid of the day - Rehman Ishteyaq of Lahore Lions Man of the Match and stopper of the match- Yadwinder Singh Surakhpur of Punjab Thunder Lahore Lions and Punjab Thunder players in action (6) Lahore Lions and Punjab Thunder players in action (1) Ludhiana: Lahore Lions kept their slim hopes alive with a 63-55 win over Punjab Thunder in the Wave World Kabaddi League on Wednesday as the League moved towards the final stages before the semi-finalists are decided.

The win brought Lahore Lions to 16 points but with only two more games to go, they will need some help from Punjab Thunder also. Lahore can make the last four only if they win both their remaining matches and Thunders lose both their remaining games. Thunder have 19 points from 19 games with two left.

Meanwhile California Eagles were granted a walkover as Yo Yo Tigers, who had not chance of making the last four forfeited their match. California now have 22 points from 20 games and have only one left.

In the match between Lahore and Punjab Thunder, it was a close affair for most of the early part. With Raiders Zeeshan Ali (3) and Rehman Isteyaq (2) of Lahore Lions earning points for their team and stopper Mohsin Wahla (2) and Musharraf Javed (2) also contributing well, they gave Punjab Thunders no chance to open an early lead. For Punjab Thunders raiders Harbir Singh (3) and Sarabjit Singh Nikku (2) showcased wonderful game while stoppers Yadwinder Singh (3) was very aggressive in the initial quarter, which ended 15-15.

In the second session, Punjab Thunder stoppers Yadwinder Singh Surakhpur (6) and Lakhveer Singh Lakha (2) were in great form and raiders Baljit Singh (4) and Sarabjit Singh (4) supported them well. For Lahore Lions, raiders Muhammad Khan (2) and Zeeshan Ali (2) did their part while stoppers Mohsin Wahla (1)  and Musharraf Javed (1) tried hard in the defence, but the session belonged to Punjab Thunder who moved way ahead by 14 points at 37-23

The third session saw Lahore raiders Muhammad Khan (4) and Rehman Isteyaq (5) bring their team back into the game thorough wonderful performances. Stoppers Mohsin Wahla (4) and Musharraf Javed (3) added to the might as Punjab Thunder were suddenly blunted  despite some efforts from raiders Sultan Singh (4) and Harbir Singh (2). That helped Lahore catch up to level at 44-44.

The final session belonged to Lahore, who went all out. Rehman Isteyaq (5), Zeeshan Ali (3), Mohammad Khan (3) and Stopper Naeem Tahir (4 stops) outplayed Punjab Thunder to win 63-55.


Quarter-Wise result of Match 76 was as below:

 Results (Quarter by quarter) (Total points)
Quarters Lahore Lions Punjab Thunder
First Quarter 15 15
Second Quarter 23 37
Third Quarter 44 44
Fourth Quarter 63 55


Team position after Match No. 76 is as below:

 Team Played Won Lost Draw Points
Khalsa Warriors 19 15 3 1 31
United Singhs 18 11 7 0 22
California Eagles 19 11 8 0 22
Punjab Thunder 19 9 9 1 19
Vancouver Lions 18 8 10 0 16
Lahore Lions 18 8 10 0 16
Royal Kings USA 19 6 12 1 13
Yo Yo Tigers 17 4 11 1 9

This week’s match schedule is as below:

City Match No Date Day Team 1 Team 2 Week Start Time
Ludhiana 75 12-Nov Wed Yo Yo Tigers California Eagles 14 16:00
Ludhiana 76 Wed Lahore Lions Punjab Thunder 18:00
Ludhiana 80 13-Nov Thu Yo Yo Tigers United Singhs 16:00
Ludhiana 81 Thu Punjab Thunder Vancouver Lions 18:00
Ludhiana 82 14-Nov Friday Royal Kings USA Yo Yo Tigers 16:00
Ludhiana 83 Friday Lahore Lions United Singhs 18:00
Ludhiana 77 15-Nov Sat United Singhs Vancouver Lions 15:00
Ludhiana 78 Sat Yo Yo Tigers Lahore Lions 17:00
Ludhiana 79 Sat Khalsa Warriors Punjab Thunder 19:00
Ludhiana 84 16-Nov Sun Royal Kings USA Vancouver Lions 12:30
Ludhiana 85 Sun Khalsa Warriors California Eagles 14:00