(Photo: Jagmeet Singh Photo by Indira Prahst)

ON Monday, Bramalea-Gore-Malton MPP Jagmeet Singh introduced 1984 genocide survivor and principal witness Bibi Jagdish Kaur in the Ontario Legislature.

Bibi Jagdish Kaur is a survivor and credible witness of the Sikh Genocide 1984. She witnessed killings of five family members including her husband, son and three brothers.

She officially registered a “First Information Report” against then-MP Sajjan Kumar in November 1984 and has been diligently fighting her case ever since. She is a law-abiding citizen in India and is utilizing all legal means at her disposal to bring justice to Sikhs.

“I ask everyone in the assembly to join me in welcoming today a true hero, a human rights defender, someone who witnessed a genocide that occurred in 1984 in Punjab and in Delhi. She has her son here with her today, Mr. Gurdeep Singh. She lost her husband, her eldest son and her brothers to a violence which was organized by the state of India,” said Singh.

“She’s here to share her story of what has happened to her own family as well as many thousands of Sikhs in India. She wants to make it clear that it was not communal violence; it was not a violence between people; it was government-organized state violence.”

Bibi Jagdish Kaur received a standing ovation by various MPPs in the legislature.

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