Spic and Span!

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. That timeless saying is more important than ever when it comes to taking care of crime scenes. Specialized individuals get called in whenever serious crimes occur. Cleaner is a film on Netflix that shows a day in the life of a man on a mission to find the truth.
Family man Tom Cutler is a cut above the rest. Solid as a rock is Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction) who meticulously enjoys his work while feeling the pain of managing his wayward teenage daughter. Never bring your work home is good advice for people. When a normal clean up job after a criminal act goes astray it sets off a slow ticking chain of events with enormous consequences for Cutler. Why his own life may be on the line as he tries to navigate his way through a tangled web of corruption, cover-ups and sleaze.
Murky and eventful Cleaner explores the trust issue along with your typical C.S.I. pursuits . Clues lead to suspects and hopefully arrests from a policing standpoint . Only here it’s hard to tell the good guys/gals from the rotten apples as as a whirlwind of enticements seems to have compromised a slew of once upon a time innocents.

Despite having witnessed these tales of corruption in high places before thanks to a top cast it works here yet again. Good performances from Ed Harris ( The Right Stuff), Eva Mendes and Luis Gutierrez ensure Samuel L.Jackson has more on his plate than can be imagined.