1 3 4 5 6Surrey: This past weekend, Saturday, January 20th, hundreds of new Canadian citizens from all corners of Surrey Centre joined MP Sarai to celebrate their recent milestone in becoming a citizen of Canada. In the spirit of embracing Canadian culture, our new Canadians and MP Sarai came together for a fun afternoon of ice skating and celebration at the North Surrey Recreation Centre.

2As Surrey Centre is a vastly growing urban centre, with over two-thousand new Canadian citizens since the election of MP Sarai, he thoughtfully hosted an event for new citizens to take part in a cultural activity and sport that Canadians often bond over in their communities. For many of the guests this was an exciting and new experience, as it was the first time trying ice skating.

After an adventurous hour on the ice, the guests were invited to enjoy a celebration honouring the values of being a Canadian. MP Sarai shared, “Like many other milestones in a person’s life, gaining Canadian citizenship is a special moment that you will remember for the rest of your life. It is the beginning of a journey, and as a Canadian you will notice the exciting and new opportunities that will to come your way. I hope that you will take advantage of those opportunities and be prideful of being Canadian wherever you go.” Following remarks, guests were able to connect with MP Sarai on a number of questions and individual interests, while also enjoying the refreshments and opportunity to connect with one another.