Surrey: The City of Surrey released its ‘Smart Surrey Strategy’. This Strategy will serve as a guide for how technology and innovation are considered in decisions made for existing and future City plans, programs and infrastructure.

“Investing in technology and innovation is essential to building a city that is prepared for the challenges of the future,” said Mayor Dianne Watts. “As Surrey continues on its path as the second metropolitan core for the region, the Smart Surrey Strategy provides a blueprint on how to integrate technological advancement and innovation that will shape our city at all levels.”

The Smart Surrey Strategy comprises numerous current and future initiatives including the City’s state-of-the-art Traffic Management Centre, Innovation Boulevard, the District Energy program, and plans for the City to operate the only fully-integrated closed-loop waste management system in North America.

“Several exciting innovative initiatives are already underway in Surrey,” said Councillor Bruce Hayne, Chair of the Innovation and Investment Committee. “A good example is the Traffic Management Centre, which will begin operating in the fall; this system allows adjustments of traffic signals based on real-time traffic flow. It is the most advanced municipal centre of its kind in BC.”