By Paola Loriggio, The Canadian Press

Toronto: A Toronto woman is sought in India after police there allege she paid four men, including her two lovers, to kill her estranged husband.

Police say Pawandeep Kaur is wanted in the slaying of her husband Jaskaran Singh, who was fatally stabbed in March in the village of Sawara, in Kharar, in the Punjab region of India.

Gursharan Singh Grewal, the superintendent of investigations for SAS Nagar police, says one of the other suspects pointed the finger at Kaur during his interrogation.

He says the couple had a “strained relation” partly because Singh had spent the last few years in India rather than with his wife in Canada.

Grewal says Kaur was romantically involved with two of the suspects and police believe she wanted to seize control of her husband’s property.

He says they have made a request for her extradition. A spokesman for Canada’s Department of Justice said officials could neither confirm nor deny that such a request had been made.

None of the allegations against Kaur have been proven. The Canadian Press was unable to reach her on Wednesday.

Asked about the case, Toronto police said their international liaison has not received a request for assistance.

Singh’s relatives in Canada are keeping in close contact with investigators in India, Grewal told The Canadian Press.

Kaur was in the region for close to 20 days after her husband’s death but then returned to Canada, he said.

“She said her kids are studying over there and their studies are suffering over there so that’s why she wanted to go back,” he said.

At the time, police had no reason to link her to the killing, he said.

Media outlets in India describe Kaur as a mother of two living in Toronto in a house she owned jointly with her husband.

They identify the four suspects already in custody as Lakhvir Singh, 32, Davinder Singh, 25, Bhawanpreet Bhangu, 25, and Gurpreet Singh, 25.

The Times of India says the couple married in 2001 and have a daughter and a son.

Jaskaran Singh’s father, Dharam Singh, told the paper he intends to seek custody of his grandchildren and “deliver justice” to his son.