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WORLD Sikh Organization of Canada Vice President for Ontario, Ranjit Singh Dulay, on Saturday (December 21) visited Bhai Gurbaksh Singh at Gurdwara Amb Sahib in Mohali, Punjab.

Dulay met personally with Gurbaksh Singh and conveyed a message of solidarity on behalf of the WSO and Sikhs in Ontario and the rest of Canada.  He also had the opportunity to speak from the stage at Gurbaksh Singh’s protest site.

Dulay said, “It was my pleasure to meet with Bhai Gurbaksh Singh today and was very impressed by his conviction and strength.  I told him that we stand in solidarity with him in his protest and the sangat [Sikh community] in Canada supports him fully and is praying for his success.”

During his remarks from the stage, Dulay said that Gurbaksh Singh is not protesting for his own benefit or for the benefit of his family, but for the benefit of those Sikhs who have languished behind bars for decades and have been denied even the hope of release.  Because this is a struggle on behalf of the Sikh community, all Sikhs must support his efforts.”

The WSO calls on the Indian authorities to immediately accept Gurbaksh Singh’s demands.  Sikh prisoners who have served their sentences must be treated like other inmates in the Indian system and allowed the opportunity to return to their families and rebuild their lives.