A composite of Cloverdale Langley City constituency  Photo: Ray Hudson
A composite of Cloverdale Langley City constituency
Photo: Ray Hudson

by Ray Hudson

Election 2015 logoCloverdale Langley City is a new riding. It is described in a clockwise direction in Surrey, starting in the west at 144th Street and 56th Ave, then north to 68th Ave, North East following the Serpentine River then north along 176th Ave, to 88th Ave. From there, north for a small jog to Highway #1, then east to 200th Street. The east boundary runs south along 200th Street, then encompasses the City of Langley boundaries around and back up to 56th Ave, and west to 144th Street.


Ethnic groups: 76.1% White, 10.4% South Asian, 3.4% Aboriginal, 3.2% Filipino, 3.0% Chinese, 2.0% Southeast Asian, 1.3% Korean

Languages: 78.2% English, 6.2% Punjabi, 2.0% Chinese, 1.5% Tagalog, 1.4% Korean, 1.3% German, 1.2% French, 1.2% Spanish

Religions: 48.4% Christian (14.8% Catholic, 4.6% United Church, 3.6% Anglican, 2.6% Pentecostal, 2.4% Baptist, 2.2% Lutheran, 1.2% Presbyterian, 16.9% Other), 7.4% Sikh, 1.5% Buddhist, 1.2% Muslim, 1.1% Hindu, 39.8% No religion

Median income (2010): $34,719, Average income (2010): $40,984

According to the Canada 2011 Census; 2013 representation via Statistics Canada. Ref. Wikipedia


The riding was created, in 2012 from parts of Langley, Fleetwood Port Kells and South Surrey-White Rock-Cloverdale, and came into being with the election call of 2015.   All three ‘donor’ ridings were held by Conservatives for a number of prior elections. Information on Wikipedia, showed redistributed results of the 2011 federal election as; Conservatives 57.37%, NDP 24.68%, Liberal 11.80 and Green, 4.61%.

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