Auto review by Veeno Dewan

Hands down, the Toyota Corolla is one of the best affordable cars in the market. The core values of a sensible, simple design, faultless reliability affordability and resale make it a no-brainer of you are looking for the ultimate form of transport. The Corolla has sold over 45 million since production began in 1966 and remains a top seller in many international markets. Past versions have been rather staid , but that changed with the introduction of the last two generations. Better styling, lively engines and more features have definitely made it a more exciting proposition for this 4-door, 5 passenger, compact sedan. The Corolla Apex still follows the same formulas as other Corolla’s – front-engine, front-wheel drive.
Available on the SE and XSE trims, the latest Apex Edition adds a bit more spice into the Corolla mix. There is not a bigger engine or additional power as it makes do with the same 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and a six-speed manual transmission as standard issue. What you do get is a few body mods, new and chassis upgrades including sport shocks suspension and a performance wheel and tire combo designed for the driving enthusiast.
The Apex is based on the Corolla SE model and wears the bold gloss black bumper grille, a special body kit with bronze accents, a rear diffuser, trunk-mounted spoiler, and lighter weight black 18-inch rims. It is a striking looking appearance package that elicited a lot of looks on our tester.

Mechanically, the electric power steering has been re-tuned to add more driver feel and quicker responses. The rebound suspension setup also lowers the car by 0.6 inches on stiffer springs with more aggressively damped shocks. Thicker sway bars increases stiffness by 47 per cent in the front and 33 per cent in the rear.
Although the naturally aspirated 2-litre 4-cylinder engines 169 horsepower and 151 lb-ft of torque, output is unchanged, there is a healthier, raspy sound courtesy of a new exhaust system with a 3.5-inch stainless steel tip. The six-speed manual is the default tranny on the Apex. The Corolla base price is $27,440, while the APEX package comprising: Apex Edition / Black Roof Option, Black Rear Spoiler, Front & Rear Splash Guards, Apple CarPlay compatibility, Power Slide / Tilt Moonroof, Android Auto compatibility, Wireless Charging, 8” Touch Screen, 6 Speakers, Audio Plus with Remote – includes Remote Connect (1 year trial), Safety Connect (1 year trial), Service Connect (up to 8-year trial), adds $4850 for a total of $27,540 plus freight and PDE.
Interior wise, the Apex version has many of the cabin trim and parts from the upgraded Corolla SE version with an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple Carplay connectivity, keyless entry with push-button start, a blind spot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert, and a power moonroof. Cargo capacity remains at 371 litres.
On the road, the Apex is peppy to drive with stable, no drama handling. It feels agile and there is sporty ride on the twist and turns that make the everyday driving experience fun. Note it that the sports exhaust is loud and intrudes into the cabin. It rides rougher too as the suspension shocks are calibrated for firmness. This means you will feel road bumps, manhole covers and other road imperfections more than usual. The flip side is the crisp handling, and precise linear steering. Body roll is minimal thanks to the light weight and great engineering. Grip is also good through sharp corners. Note that 69 horsepower is not a lot and there needs to be a power upgrade of sorts to go along with the suspension upgrades and competent chassis. In terms of acceleration perhaps opt for the six-speed manual version a s we had that is quite the joy to use with its short throw action and nicely modulated clutch. Fuel economy is good at (Regular Gasoline in L/100 km): 8.2 city; 6.4 highway; 7.4 combined. No real downside, the Corolla Apex Looks good with its gloss black rear spoiler and exterior trim, hunkered down on it black finished rims. It kind of reminds me of an old school modified Japanese car which were popular back in the day, loud, a little unruly and lost of fun.
Other performance orientated compact cars in this sector have more power, but the Corolla Apex arrives with the bulletproof non -turbo engine that will last forever. Also note the tried, and proven engineering and high resale. Even performance drivers will be pleasantly surprised by what the Corolla Apex offers . Highly recommended for families and singles everywhere looking for a little spice in their ride!

2022 Toyota Corolla Apex Edition.
Priced from $27,440 plus taxes and fees. More info at