Aces High!

Viva Las Vegas! The city that The Mob built and that Elvis and big Frank not to mention Sammy made famous comes up a winner and takes Centre stage in Sleepless. A hidden gem on Netflix this hip gangster tale has all the right ingredients to make your home entertainment options a sure fire winner.
Cops, like all other professionals, can be good or bad. Undercover operatives are a special breed. Rare is the day that detective Vincent doesn’t put his heart and soul on the line in hopes of weeding out and putting behind bars the bad guys/girls. Leave it to Jamie Foxx (Law Abiding Citizen) to harness all the energy and raw emotion needed to collar criminals. When some drugs go astray and a family member is held for ransom our officer is really put to the test.
With time running out and the fix being in director Baron bo Odar
charts a perilous course for the Las Vegas Police Department who are on the hunt for a supposed cop gone rogue and an upscale casino owner up to his neck in doing bad things. Ah, but that isn’t all. Add on some internal investigators out for blood and a merciless thug on the rise and Sleepless turns into a wake up call when corruption seems to have eroded just about everything – and everyone.
Action aplenty and never a dull moment makes Sleepless a fun gritty crime fest with a solid supporting cast.