4 days rotating strike next week and no action on Wednesday

Teachers on StrikeVancouver:  BC Teachers are planning rotating strikes for four days next week: Monday, June 2, Tuesday, June 3, Thursday, June 5, and Friday, June 6. Every school district will be closed down on Wednesday full day. 

“With the provincial government still refusing to put the necessary funding on the table to reach a reasonable deal on issues like class size, composition, staffing levels, and fair wages for teachers, the BC Teachers’ Federation will continue rotating strikes next week,” said BCTF President Jim Iker.

Iker said “BC teachers are committed to negotiating a fair and reasonable settlement at the bargaining table.” He said that agreement, however, needs to include adequate funding to make improvements to important learning conditions, which are teachers’ working conditions. It’s time for Premier Christy Clark to free up the resources that will bring the two sides closer together and ensure students start the next school year with smaller classes, more support for children with special needs, and extra one-on-one time.

Iker also thanked parents for their ongoing understanding and support. He said, “Parents know that we are working to improve the education system for their children. I also want to thank BC’s teachers who have remained so professional and committed to their students despite Christy Clark’s ill conceived, confusing, and chaotic lockout that was drummed up to justify her attack on our wages. BC teachers have showed incredible strength and resolve to achieve a fair deal for ourselves and better support for our students.”