John-Raj-Harry-Sue SikhmotorcycleVictoria: Members of the Sikh Motorcycle Club rode their bikes from Vancouver to Montreal to raise funds to fight cancer. They raised over $100,000.00 in two weeks. On Wednesday, they were honoured at the BC Legislature in Victoria by BC NDP Leader John Horgan and BC NDP Caucus including MLA Raj Chouhan, Harry Bains, and Sue Hammell.

MLA Harry Bains said, I rise here today to commend the efforts of the Sikh Motorcycle Club — many of them are here in the House today — for travelling across Canada to raise funds for pediatric cancer. The Sikh Motorcycle Club was founded some 14 years ago and since its inception has participated in many community activities and garnered a high level of respect and support.

The objective of the club is to promote understanding and harmony between other communities and the Sikh community. Their motto is: “We are all one community.”

In the late 1990s, Mr. Avtar Singh Dhillon, who’s here, and other human rights activists were instrumental in successfully lobbying the government to amend the law so Sikh motorcycle riders could ride their bikes with their turbans on and without a helmet. This allows them to participate without jeopardizing their religious beliefs.

This past month, in their ongoing effort to put their motto and beliefs into practice, they organized, in conjunction with the B.C. Cancer Society, a two-week across-Canada motorcycle ride to raise money and awareness for pediatric cancers. The journey was a great success. They raised in excess of $100,000, well over their $60,000 goal.

B.C. Cancer Society agency spokesperson Mr. Allan Mugford says they were stunned and amazed by the fundraising effort. “This is a totally committed and passionate group of community members,” he said.

The members were greeted in every city with respect and gratitude and appeared on local television and radio stations to share their journey and bring awareness about pediatric cancer.

They were all successful in showing the country that we are all in this world together, dealing with many of the concerns, issues and conditions that may affect us all. They want people to know that the person living next door is one of us.

I ask all members of this House to please join with me, meet with them outside, shake hands with them and say: “Thank you for such a hero’s work.”