abcSurrey: Biography of wrestler and former Indian police officer Sukhwant Singh Sidhu was released last weekend at Royal King Banquet Hall. The book ‘India’s first Sardar Hind Kesri Wrestler Sukhwant Singh’ is authored by his wife Surinderjit Kaur Sidhu and published by Chetna Parkashan.

MP Jinny Sims, MLA Harry Bains, Ex-MLA Dave Hayer, and all Chief Coaches and wrestlers of 8 wrestling clubs of lower mainland were present at the occasion.

Surinderjit Kaur while speaking on the release of the book said that she wanted to compile the achievements of his husband wrestler Sukhwant Sidhu so that their next generations could know who their ancestors were. Not just for family, she said, she wants to present her husband as a role model for the new generation so they can learn how to build a flourishing career and stay away from drugs and gangs.  She expressed that Sukhwant’s life story is not just about pumping iron but also how he accomplished other jobs in life such as a being a good police officer and a great human being.

Sukhwant Singh, on the occasion, said that his wife Surinderjit made an archive of every news article, photo and other information regarding him. He said, “She wanted to write a book on me and that is great honor for me.”