A file photo of Christy Clark.

Richmond: Today’s BC Liberals are the only party offering a plan with hope for a bright future. That was Premier Christy Clark’s message today at the Vancouver International Airport facility of Cargojet – a company that employs 250 people locally and is planning to hire at least another 100 in the year ahead thanks to BC’s strong and growing economy.

“The future we want is built on good jobs, growing incomes, and helping British Columbians keep more of the money they work so hard for, so they can take care of the people they love,” said the Premier. “With serious uncertainty and big challenges in front of us – we need strong leadership, and we need to keep fighting to build the strong BC and the bright future we all want.”

The Premier has travelled over 12,000 kilometres to every region of the province with a plan built on continued job creation, economic growth, and actions that help British Columbians build the lives they want – including keeping taxes low with a $900 middle-class tax cut, giving a hand up to first-time homebuyers, and helping single parents transition off income assistance and into training and jobs.

With the opposition parties threatening dramatic tax hikes, looking to kill thousands of family-supporting jobs, and giving up on getting a fair deal on trade – Premier Christy Clark has emerged as the only leader with the strength and vision to stand up for British Columbians and BC jobs at a time of rising U.S. protectionism and global economic uncertainty.