Crime Severity IndexThe latest numbers released by Canadian Center for Justice Statistics relating to Delta‘s crime severity rates are encouraging. The numbers confirm Delta’s rates remain low.

Delta’s Crime Severity Index (CSI) for 2016 show a slight decline over 2015 from 53.9 to 53.6.

Delta saw a decrease of 35% in violent crime with only a slight increase of 9.8% relating to property crime. There has also been some positive variance with Delta’s clearance rate. There was an increase in the clearance rate of violent crimes from 40.9 to 52.2 and the clearance rate remained static on non-violent crimes.

What do all of these numbers mean for you as citizens of Delta? Chief Dubord explains, “Quite simply, Delta remains one of the safest communities in BC. Delta is well below the provincial and national average CSI rates.  Although the numbers are encouraging we are steadfast in our approach to drive these numbers down ensuring both the safety of our citizens and apprehension of offenders.  Delta Police are in the process of introducing a new enhanced service delivery model and we are confident this will keep the CSI trending downward. I believe we need to be innovative in our policing approach, deploying our resources strategically and leveraging technology to our full advantage. Additionally, and most importantly we must engage with you, our citizens, to work together to keep Delta one of the safest communities in the province. It is very important to me that our citizens feel and know they are safe in this community.”

Delta Police remain committed to serving our community striving to deliver excellence in policing.

Background/Definition of terms:

  • Crime Severity and general Crime statistics are collected and distributed through, Canadian Center for Justice Statistics.
  • Crime Severity Index is a measure of police-reported crime that reflects the relative seriousness of individual offences and tracks changes in crime severity.
  • Three Crime Severity Indexes exist, one for all crime, one for violent crime and one for non-violent crime.

To clarify: Delta’s overall CSI = 53.6/Violent Crime =30.4/non-violent = 61.9

  • The seriousness of each offence is determined by using objective sentencing data from the nation’s courts. Each individual offence is “weighted according to the severity of the sentences handed down by judges.
  • This CSI is different from overall Crime Rate in that, the crime rate measures the volume of crime and the CSI measures the seriousness of the offences.