Delta: Delta Police have received at least five complaints since March 1 this year of a company going door to door, primarily in Ladner, purporting to sell a product related to air quality. Often the sales staff will try and ask residents to respond to a survey on air quality.

Police have spoken with canvassers from the company and have determined it is a legitimate company. The company has been warned by police not to be so aggressive in its marketing, as it is causing concern among local residents and attracting police complaints.

“Should someone come to your door – whether it’s a salesperson or someone trying to collect personal information – remember you have no obligation to respond to any questions. If you’re not interested, the simplest course of action is to simply say no thank you, and close the door,” says Cris Leykauf, spokesperson for Delta Police Department.

Some in the community may be more vulnerable to high pressure tactics, such as seniors. Please share the following information with your neighbours:

To prevent being scammed:

  • Don’t allow strangers – including sales people or charity canvassers – into your home.
  • Always ask a door-to-door salesperson for proper ID and a business licence.
  • Don’t feel pressured to give information or money to someone you don’t know.
  • Always lock your doors when doing yard work, getting the mail, or anytime you go outside.
  • Write down the licence plate number of any suspicious vehicle the suspect may be operating.
  • Shut the door and call police if you feel threatened, or grow concerned about their behaviour.

Remember, if it is a legitimate company, police will be able to verify their information.