RCMP deals with China, United Nations as fentanyl deaths surge in Canada

Edmonton police say they have seized nearly $4 million worth of fentanyl pills as part of a massive drug bust.

They say it’s believed to be the largest seizure of the powerful opiod in Canadian history.

An investigation into a group believed to be trafficking a large amount of drugs began in March.

Officers seized $2 million in fentanyl pills at an Edmonton home more than three weeks ago and then executed three more search warrants in Edmonton and another in nearby Sturgeon County.

In Sturgeon County, Edmonton police and RCMP officers found a house that had been made into a fentanyl pill processing lab.

The investigation has led to a total of 130,000 fentanyl pills being seized with an estimated street value of $3.9 million.

Cocaine, methamphetamine, cannabis extract, carfentanil, $1 million in cash and a truck with a hidden compartment were also found.

“This was a significant drug operation that has been dismantled,” said Staff Sgt. Karen Ockerman. “We know we have saved lives by taking that quantity of fentanyl off the streets.”

The Canadian Press