Gordon Ruth - B.C. auditor general for local government (AGLG) Photo: BC Newsroom
Gordon Ruth – B.C. auditor general for local government (AGLG)
Photo: BC Newsroom

Victoria: Gordon Ruth has been appointed as the new B.C. auditor general for local government (AGLG) with a mandate to lead a new, collaborative relationship between local governments across the province and the office.

“Recognizing there is only one taxpayer, the goal of this office has always been to help find ways to provide the best possible services in the most efficient, cost-effective way,” said Community, Sport and Cultural Development Minister Peter Fassbender. “I’m confident we have found the right person in Gordon Ruth and know he is someone who will establish himself, and the office, as high functioning, results-based and willing to work with local governments to find solutions that ultimately benefit British Columbians.”

The appointment is effective Oct. 1, 2015, and will allow for transition from his current position.

When the B.C. auditor general for local government was initially launched in January of 2013, it was the first of its kind. Like any new, leading-edge office there have been lessons learned and steps taken to strengthen the office and position it for success moving forward.

“We are very pleased to be able to attract an individual such as Gordon Ruth. We feel he will make an excellent AGLG given his experience and background as well as his knowledge of local government,” said Tony Ariganello, chair, audit council, auditor general for local government.

In recognition of the change of leadership in the office of the AGLG, Fassbender had the following to say about the outgoing acting AGLG, “I want to use this occasion to recognize the tremendous work accomplished by Arn van Iersel. He came in at a challenging time for the office and brought superior leadership and stability when it was most needed.”

Fassbender also remarked on a further measure to improve the office to help facilitate the smooth transition to a new AGLG. “Shortly, we expect to announce two new members of the audit council, both of whom have previous local government experience that will help bring more understanding of the challenges faced by local government to the office.”

With new, stable leadership and enhancements to the audit council, the AGLG is now well-positioned for the long term, to help local governments improve their operations and deliver services more efficiently, effectively and economically.