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Beacon OF Hope !

Shine a bright light and there’s no telling where it may lead to. Canada, a relatively young country, has few cultural icons. Certainly in the top five list of any patriot must be Leonard Cohen. See (and hear) the tumultuous career of this one of a kind national treasure in Hallelujah! Presented by Mongrel Media this documentary is as entertaining and relevant as it gets. Lucky audiences will be in store of a visual and audio treat should they be lucky enough to catch this tribute at the Fifth Avenue Cinemas and select Cineplex Cinemas and Landmark Theatres across B.C.
Lots of videos with the man himself, Montreal native Leonard Cohen, provide insight into the makings of a poetic genius. Words matter and from an early age we see the seeds of success. Born into a good Montreal family we learn of the impact of religion on this man thirsting for knowledge. How fortunate it is for all of us that those words had impact and ultimately found their way to recordings and live concerts.
Unlike the screaming fans of the Fab 4 during Beatlemania in the swinging sixties this laid back artisan of prose managed to connect with both ocal and then global audiences. All the love in the world was channeled through such sacred words that hit at the heart and had huge impact on readers snd listeners and fans to
Thanks to scores of interviews with celebrities and local friends Hallelujah embraces the love Cohen generated. Like a rock star for the ages all the ups and downs of an artist are poignantly revealed in this telling tale of a maestro of words whose thoughts connected with a global community.