By Shirl Hollenberg


KoozaPrepare to have your breath taken away with a visit to Kooza, the latest spectacular from Cirque de Soleil now taking Vancouver by storm. Developed by Quebec visionary Guy La Liberte this magnificent production is a spectacle with a capital S. Perfect fun for the entire family this wholesome experience is now drawing crowds to the bit tent on Expo Blvd. near B.C. place on the Concord Pacific lands.

Keen observers of the local arts scene may well remember that Kooza first appeared in Vancouver a few years back. This improved version is easily as good as the original and even more captivating. A sensory experience for the ages after the requisite clown opening audience warm up act subsides we are whisked away into a never never land of make believe. Magical effects reel  you in And then it’s up to the limber as can be performers to keep bringing  you to new heights,

How they do these live high wire acts is anybody’s guess as a siren soars above the gasping crowds seemingly miles away. Practice makes perfect and the in tune performers don’t miss a beat. Ditto to the overhead band headlined by a singing siren whose music and soul perfectly meshes with the visual performers in Front of you  And high above.

Among the many crowd pleasers in This 2 1/2 hour special are a man building a  stairway to heaven, chair by chair and three nimble petite women who intermingle their bodies in ways no one could think possible. And then there is the dynamic duo of machine runners who run fast and wild inside and around a contraption suspended like a teeter totter that goes round and round at a dizzying speed.

Whew! People will be tired and amazed at seeing the magic of Kooza which truly is a one of a kind production.  Here until early December tickets to Kooza  make the ultimate holiday gift.

For more information on Kooza or tickets call   1 877 924-8733 Or go to