Chilliwack: UFVRD RCMP has received intelligence that local thieves are thankful for the generosity of the local community.

Thieves are flourishing in the abundance of opportunities to make a profit, especially with thefts from vehicles, a most preventable crime! During the period of February 10th to 23rd the community graciously provided thieves 54 profitable opportunities to steal such items as; purses, briefcases, backpacks, luggage, ipads, ipods, gps-navigational devices, laptops, clothes, sunglasses, miscellaneous tools and equipment, and the most popular…. cash. All were left inside vehicles, in plain view for the thieves to see and help themselves.

Local thieves appreciate these easy targets as police Crime Reduction Strategies have been making life difficult for them in many other areas of larceny. But business is booming for them on the theft from vehicle front.  Thieves fear their efforts may be thwarted should the general public discover that there are three components needed for a crime to occur: 1) a victim, 2) an opportunity, and 3) a criminal to perpetrate it. The removal of one of these components prevents a crime from happening. As an example; not leaving any valuables in plain view would deter a thief.

Once again, local thieves would like to thank the community for fueling the criminal economy with the preventable theft from vehicles.

Your police, on the other hand, just need your help and want you to; remove all valuables from your vehicle and lock it. If you do that, then the police will be thanking you… not the thieves