Kolkata, Sep 2 (IANS) A Mumbai police team on Wednesday quizzed Siddharth Das, the biological father of murdered Sheena Bora and former live-in-partner of prime accused Indrani Mukherjea, at his residence in suburban Dum Dum and recorded his statement.

The two-member Mumbai police team reached Das’s house around 8 p.m. and came out about an hour and 45 minutes later.

“I have given a written statement,” Das later told media persons.

Seemingly reluctant to talk to the large posse of media persons, which had been waiting outside his house for hours, Das affirmed he signed the statement and cooperated with the visiting police officials. “Of course, I cooperated with them.”

Asked if he was quizzed whether he was the biological father of Sheena or any document relating to the matter was sought from him by the policemen, Das said: “That I cannot disclose. That is a secret thing. I won’t tell you anything now.”

“No more questions. Thank you please. No comments,” he replied to a poser whether he was asked to go to Mumbai to help in the investigation.

The police officers refused to answer any query from the hoardes of media persons who were waiting outside the residence.

A day back, Das had come into the open but with his face covered, and claimed he was the biological father of Sheena and Mikhail Bora.

Das had also said he was prepared to undergo a DNA test to establish his paternity and help police in the investigation into the sensational murder case.

He also denied having married Indrani, but said he shared a live-in relationship with her in the 1980s, and averred that she should be hanged if she did kill their daughter.

Das said he was willing to produce birth certificates of Sheena and Mikhail.

Earlier on Wednesday, a Mumbai police team confiscated a laptop and finance related papers of Indrani’s ex-husband and murder co-accused Sanjeev Khanna, in a purported bid to retrace the chats and e-mails between the two ahead of Sheena’s murder in 2012.

Mumbai police, investigating the murder, was also trying to ascertain if Khanna’s alleged involvement in the conspiracy was for financial gain.

The police officers studied Khanna’s bank accounts and investment details and took away the papers with them.

Indrani was arrested last month along with her former driver Shyam Rai and Khanna on charges of murdering Sheena and dumping her remains in Raigad in April 2012.

By then, Indrani — who has denied charges of murder — was married to Peter Mukherjea, a media baron.