Delta: Delta Police were engaged in investigating a rumour that emerged on social media on March 14, regarding Delta Secondary School.

“The rumour arose as a result of a disagreement between two students, that continued over social media after a verbal altercation yesterday,” says Cris Leykauf, public affairs coordinator for Delta Police.

Police met with one of the involved parties, and school board staff were involved with families of both students throughout the evening. Discussions between police and school administration continued the night of March 14, to determine if there were any threats to safety of students.

“We want to thank the students who came forward yesterday with information, as police and the school administration were able to quickly investigate the rumours. Delta police have confirmed there is no threat to Delta Secondary School or to the students attending the school,” says Leykauf. “However police will be at the school today, March 15, to provide support and answer any questions.”