Linda Annis

Surrey: Councillor Linda Annis said Surrey residents still support their RCMP officers in spite of the province’s go ahead on the creation of a Surrey police board.

“I haven’t talked to a single person in our city who doesn’t recognize and appreciate the incredible work the RCMP perform in our city every day, particularly during these difficult days as the mayor and his Safe Surrey councilors, push for a municipal police department,” said Annis. “We also need to recognize things won’t change overnight. The process has just begun and the SPD is still a long way off, so we need the RCMP to know how much they are appreciated by the people of Surrey.

“I know it must be difficult for these professionals to stand on the sidelines and watch what is happening. But, now more than ever, we’re counting on the RCMP to continue in the best traditions of the force which has served our city for so many decades. I’ve been on ride-alongs with the RCMP and watched what they do for us every single day. There’s a reason why the RCMP are recognized round the world, and we get to see that every day in Surrey.”

Annis said she feels the 843 men and women of the RCMP here in Surrey have been treated badly and ignored by the mayor and his Safe Surrey councillors in their rush towards creating a Surrey police department without public input or transparency.

“Every day we ask our RCMP officers here in Surrey to step up, and every day they do exactly that,” said Annis. “So, I want every member of the force here in Surrey to know that Surrey residents are proud of them and the work they do, and that no one should mistake the mayor’s dismissive views for the real feelings of Surrey residents.”