The bride Alia Bhatt-Kapoor’s brother Rahul Bhatt was exhausted after three days of nonstop celebration. “Dulhan ka eklauta bhai hoon. There were many rituals during the marriage that only the brother can perform. I was proud to be there to do the needful. But for me it was a chance to bond with my father. I also got to meet some very fine people, like Shweta Bachchan and her husband Nikhil Nanda. Such wealthy powerful people, but no airs at all,” says Rahul.
Interestingly the couple went through only chaar phera instead of the traditional saat phera.
Rahul reveals, “Even I was taken aback when this happened. But the presiding pundit who was very gyani (knowledgeable) and a regular at the Kapoors, explained in detail why it was going to be chaar phere and not saat phere. To this I say, whatever works.”
After nonstop celebration, Rahul needs a break. “I’ve eaten so much, and such delicious food—the Kapoors have the best meals in the film industry—that I need to hit the gym urgently,” says the gym instructor.